Giving this a try

June 1, 2009

Trying to build Two models at one time. The past few years I have been lucky to be part of a Fighter Aces Symposium, the first was at the Hiller Museum San Carlos, CA Oct. 07 of NAVY aces then, May 2008 Aces of the USAAF who flew P-51’s. I chose 352nd FG “The Blue Nosed Bastards” Ace Don Bryan’s aircraft “Little One III”I was surprised when Don’s Grandson Tyler stopped by the display table we had during the break and got to talking to him. Later on after the event I went up to talk One on One with Don but, to my surprise he was interested in the model next thing I knew he asked Tyler to hand him a pin. Don signed the top of the right wing D.S. Bryan this is how he signs personal items so, I now have a conversation piece. Don had no idea the Aeromaster decal sheet is available.

The person who got me involved in these events is Chris Bucholtz IPMS/USA Journal and aviation editor, you might have even seen Chris on History Channel’s Dogfights series of the 332nd Fighter Group Tuskegee Airmen. What the plan of our presants is to not only promote the hobby (what we do) but display a model of  the aircraft flown by the pilots, I have heard some intresting stories in ther past and being a low key history buff I had to see what it’s all about.

Due to work  I havent had much time the past year to build anything just start so on Chris’s blog he mentioned  an upcoming Symposium in July of US NAVY and USMC Aces so what a better way to get back into the swing of things. I have both “Birdcage” anf F4U styles Corsairs from Tamiya in my stash but the good part is they are the same basic kit plus the addition of parts to construct One or the other this will save me some time in the long run and will probably need it!  If the Corsair is not the aircraft the other most likely subject would have to be a Hellcat, The USN Symposium I attened back in Oct. 07 were Hellcat pilots with the execption of  a lone Wildcat driver. I had built a F6F-5 in overall Dark Sea Blue with only the Star’s and Bars for markings or “Delivery Scheme” this might also help me in the long run if time runs short but I started the newer Eduard Hellcat just in case. The Aces to attend have not been named yet so information to fallow in another installment


The other side of thing I began preping a few started models in hopes to enter them in October’s Tri Cities Show in Newark since turnout is low but, it’s a small event hall anyways. I have a 1/144 C-54/DC-4 almost ready for paint along with an airracer subject with the thought of Howard Hughes clames the Jap’s stole some of the design looks of the  H-1 for the Zero. Several years back in our clubs inhouse contest Bill Abbott entered his version of what my model will become, that’s all I’ll say for now.

The other project I hope to finish for the Tri Cities came about when I hit my head at work the had a vision after seeing a Hot Wheel’s car that looked  like a cross between a drift car and a NASCAR that’s when an idea hit me since something imported like Toyota invades something as Redneck American as NASCAR what would it look like if the tables were turned? I had bought NAASCAR models in the past but have never finished any past the paint stage, so a while back I bought the Denny Hamlin FedEx #11 Monte Carlo SS for mainly due to the simplisty of the paint work but, then the my vision came to me so it got Yellow then Red flaged. The only thing main Two hurtles of the model are trying to decide on the body color? I had thought of using the Testors “60’s Grabber” colors but, leaning more toward American red,White and Blue but, then  I found aftermarket decals of American subjects like BassProShop, National Gaurd, Jack Daniels, BUDWISER, ect so I need to make up my mind soon. There might even be a gun rack built into it the way things are going!


Till next time